My easy going weight loss journey day 14 and 15 posting now because the weekend was really really

hectic, so much that I could not find time to write nor post. It was stressful at the same time and honestly, on Saturday especially, after eating the akara and akamu (ogi) breakfast, smaller portion than normal though, I still took like 5 eclairs sweets later, the ate 2 slices of suya pizza at 6pm which is later than my weight loss dinner time. Took a mug of soya bean milk.

5 akara balls with ogi (Pap).

2 slices of pizza was too much, one slice should have been just fine.

On Sunday, first, I soaked garri with groundnuts as there was no cooked food after church, then warmed frozen fried rice and took just one scoop with 2 small pieces of chicken. Honestly, I’m sorry but I took 2 scoops of ice cream later on because they were just eating it IN MY FACE and even offering me the one with almond nuts, chocolate pieces and wafers, I had to just give in a have a taste which I know I shouldn’t have done.

Soaked garri with groundnuts.

Knowing all that has gone into my system. The snacks and the food, I have been very scared of climbing on that scale but will surely try today Monday as the house is less full and I’m more composed and focused. I fear what the scale is going to show me but no matter what happens, the weight loss journey continues. I know that pizza and ice cream are full of heavy calories but then, my weight can only go up just a little and by God’s grace, this week, my goal is to go below 80 kg. So, between today and Saturday, if I’m able to drop to 80 or 79 kg, I’ll celebrate the weekend by rewarding myself with maybe a *Dairy milk with nut snack* I shouldn’t be thinking of dairy milk knowing that I said on Day one of this weight loss journey that sugar, cow milk and dairy products are what I do not want to eat, the only foods I want to avoid to see if my skin appearance improves.

Hello Team! The cravings are there oh and will always be but we don’t have to keep falling and rising everytime. We can be more disciplined, our self-will can be mentally worked on. I do not have food addiction sha, or so I think but I do crave sometimes for unhealthy snacks. My favourite is something very simple, something most people don’t even like but I crave it so much… Nigerian puff puff (Oily bun). I crave it everytime I see it being fried or sold where I used to buy from.

Well, congratulations to me! For the past 2 weeks, I haven’t drank soda at all not even a sip of soft drinks. I love them! so, being able to stay away is hard work and I’m happy. I remember posting years back that when I gave birth to my babies, for every single one of these 5 kids, I hid and took soft drinks in large quantities. Like, say one week after delivery I start taking cold soft drinks in secret and do that daily… Only God saved me from diabetes and other jedi jedi matters. These soft drinks meant for visitors, for well wishers who drop in to say hi to baby but I end up drinking even more than the visitors and no one ever suspected because I empty the bottles into a cup that’s not transparent and gulp like water, so even when people see me holding that gigantic cup, they think it’s water. That’s one reason I never believed that new moms can’t take cold drinks. I did take so much but our bodies are different and another new mom might find herself in trouble doing that. So, knowing how much I love cold soft drinks, you can see that staying off them these past weeks mean that I have really tried and I don’t even plan on taking them again.

Lizzy posted her assorted pepper soup breakfast on weight losers Nigeria yesterday and I haven’t stopped craving. That should be my breakfast today. Will be posted tomorrow God willing.










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