How To Prepare NON-STICKY Garri or Eba
How To Prepare NON-STICKY Garri or Eba
1) Boil Water in a Kettle or Pot (Make Sure it boils very well)2) Measure the amount of Garri you want to prepare into a bowl (make sure the bowl is big enough)

3) (Now Very Important) Pour the hot water in the Garri (a substantial amount but not excess). Now ”DO NOTHING!”. I mean do not shake, turn, steer or touch the Garri. Just leave it without covering for 7 to 10mins….you may cover it with something like a Sieve that can let the heat pass through.

4) After about 7-10 minutes, start steering from the edges of the bowl. If there are parts water did not touch, then add more water and when you steer for about a minute, then leave the heat to go out for about 2 minutes again.

5) After the second time you left it to cool off, then go ahead to steer properly and it will definitely not be sticky.

6) You can still rally it round the bowl by holding the bowl up and moving it vigorously in a circular form until the Garri gets a very smooth appearance.

7) This is my method. Feel free to add yours.


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