Whats the club about?

Free stuff. The whole idea of this club is to “reward” a consumer for frequent patronage, which is why entry-level benefits like a free drink on your birthday and discounts on shipping eventually grow into free kitchen equipment and food items.

What kind of benefits do I get?

You will receive invitations to members-only shopping events, advance notices for sales, double points on a day of your choosing, free gift packaging and various discount gift cards.

What are gift cards?

As a club member, depending on your purchase history, you will receive at least one gift card every month. Gift cards are coupon codes sent to your email. You can use these codes to apply discounts on your order before you pay.

How do I sign up?

Click here to purchase the Promomonger.com club membership. The membership card cost N200 per month. You instantly start getting discounts.

Add just one and select recurring billing.


Is there any other good news I should know about ?

Have you heard about 30365 gift card. Its a rare promomonger.com gift card that can save you up to 30% of all food item purchases through out the year.

If you are interested, email us [email protected]