Fake Palm Oil causes pudging at restaurant.

My friend is a chef. He complained some of his loyal customers had been purging after they eat the Egusi and Afang soup he serves them.




I was wondering what could have caused it. He said he had heard rumors about fake Palm oil in Lagos markets.

We checked online and found 100% Fresh Palm Oil by Promomonger. He bought a 5 liter Keg of Palm Oil.

Adulterated palm has become a minor source of food poisoning because of the capitalistic values of some producers and marketers who mix the oil With solvent 24 or Annatto dye to increase the yield and make more profit.

With the sudden rise in cases of cancer, organ damages and heart diseases with no specific cause, it has become very important for Nigerians to pay particular attention on the quality of palm oil to be used in their diets considering the current trend.

This is why the Swiss government banned some palm oil coming from Ghana because they tested positive for adulteration.

It is for this reason that Promomonger.com goes as far as Akwa Ibom village to work with palm oil millers and ensure that the palm oil you get are pure and fresh. Fresh  Palm Oil does not hold you tongue when you cook in raw, does not foam when heat in fire, does not congeal, it gives your your food a delectable taste giving you the required vitamin A that palm kernel promises.

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